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The Average Veterinarian Salary & How to Stay Competitive as an Employer

Veterinarians all over the country are searching for jobs with good benefits and competitive salaries that offer them the chance to do what they love: work with animals. If you are looking to hire a veterinarian, it is important to know what the average veterinarian salary is as well as what veterinarian requirements people are looking for when they search the market for these industry-specific jobs.


Veterinary Career Options

Veterinarians can be hired almost anywhere. While most veterinarian jobs exist in private clinics, some have jobs in larger practices or animal hospitals. Sometimes, zoos, testing labs, farms, movie studios, and other facilities might have a veterinarian on staff. Other veterinarians might choose to travel for their jobs, going between a private office and other places. Some may not have an office at all and work wherever they are called.

The important thing to remember when you are looking to hire a veterinarian is that these individuals have lots of options and can work pretty much wherever they would like. Giving people an incentive to work with and for you is a good way to get someone interested in a veterinarian job at your facility.

This can mean anything from a good salary to good benefits, but it should also mean that you show people why working in your particular environment is special and what makes your company culture unique.


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The Average Veterinarian Salary

How much do veterinarians make? Veterinarian salaries can fluctuate somewhat, depending on the type of job or whether or not the individual has their own private office. However, as stated above, individuals in this field have many options when it comes to where and how they can work. As such, you’ll need to offer a competitive salary in order to be part of the equation.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, veterinarians received a median pay of $93,830 a year or $45.11 per hour in 2018. The job outlook is also increasing much faster than average and is expected to rise by 19% between 2016 and 2026. It’s a good time to be a veterinarian, and those hoping to hire them will need to remember this.


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How Can I Stay Competitive When Looking to Hire a Veterinarian?

There are several ways to stay competitive when you’re looking to hire a veterinarian beyond the salary itself. For one, you should remind those who apply for your veterinary jobs what makes your company, facility, or opportunity special. For example, if they’ll have the opportunity to work with large animals or exotic pets, highlight this. If your office has state-of-the-art equipment, make sure that’s emphasized. People want to enjoy their work; tell them they will be able to if they choose to work for you.

Also, providing your employees with a reasonable amount of flexibility is also a good idea. This is often one reason why people get advanced degrees in medicine, which allow them to work closely with others — or in this case, other animals — but on their schedule. Offering an opportunity for veterinarians to maintain a flexible schedule is a great incentive for them to apply.

Finally, remind your potential employees that you are offering an environment in which they can do what they love with all the benefits of working for someone who cares about their happiness and wellbeing. This is the most important aspect of hiring anyone for any job.


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