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"Provided many interviews"

Kevin K.

Excelsior, MN
"I received many calls and I have an interview on Monday. It was great. I got about 4 to 5 calls in one day."

Alfreda C.

Marietta, GA
"Friendly, easy to follow, perfect view of all veterinarian jobs. Great & fast services support. Also, you can share information with others. Professional team who understands candidates' needs. "

Alida T.

Chestnut Hill, MA
"I am happy to tell about my successful outcome from ihire! I found that this website was the exclusive choice of many employers to advertise their jobs, as they know only those of us "in the know" know where to look for our next position! I found employment based on my qualifications and the job description and application process was streamlined and easy. I also got a resume review from the $1 trial membership and the feedback was invaluable. I changed up a lot of my resume, and obviously it was successful. Thanks so much for the service, best $35 I've spent!"

Kc M.

Lincolnwood, IL
"I quit a part time, low paying job that I hated and immediately joined ihireVeterinary premium. I hope to earn my license as a veterinary technician. Within a month I was contacted, interviewed, and hired as a full time veterinary assistant. Now I not only have a job I enjoy, I'm on track to the career I always wanted!!"

Deepti N.

Henrico, VA
"At first , I was applying endlessly to jobs that I knew I didn't want. Well , then I found ihireVeterinary and I was ecstatic. A place that I can apply to jobs that deals with animals!. They also helped me make my resume prettier and well organized. I will be referring my friends that love animals. Also , the searches are incredibly easy and well worth it!."

Alice D.

Lancaster, PA
"It is unbelievable, I received 8 phone calls for interviews in the first 48 hours after submitting my resume. I am very impressed and will recommend this site to anyone I know."

Lani S.

"(iHire Veterinary) helped me find local jobs that were of interest to me."


Colgate, WI
"I got a job that I applied for after seeing it on IHire veterinary"

Dean H.

Westminster, CA
"IHireVeterinary helped me to identify job opportunities and apply for open positions"

Kathryn M.

Hyattsville, MD
"Get a great resume that stands out and keep looking. All of the offers seem to come at once so you have to decide."

Tarolyn B.

Tacoma, WA
"iHire Veterinary is great. I have had many HR people contact me. I am now waiting for a position to open in Gilbert, AZ at Eye Care for Animals for a Vet Assistant, and I am there!!! Thanks again, I love you guys."

Tracy K.

Jackson, TN
"With your website I searched and found job opportunities. After one application, I had a phone call back within 2 days. I got the job within a week!. "

Nichole B.

Gladewater, TX
"It is so hard to find any vet related jobs for good clinics. I am pleased to see there is a site for our line of work now."

Amy M.

Auburn, KY
"I know the struggle to find jobs for vet assistants, and I am pleased to have found this site. I am sure to tell all my classmates."

Heather H.

"Helped me find a job after a year of being unemployed."


Oshkosh, WI
"Well, of course I was not sure how this site would help but I thought why not give it a try. Not only did I receive much interest, but I gained a great job at a great clinic!!!!!! With that boost of confidence I also passed my state boards and I am now an RVT!!!!"

Stacy L.

Chino, CA
"Showing only positions that were relevant to me and available saved me time networking, which got me back to work immediately! "

Bonnie M.

Rainier, WA
"Found me a great Practice Manager opportunity with a wonderful clinic."


Denver, CO
"I had been looking for a job after a move and a layoff for several months. After about only 3 weeks of registering with this site I was contacted by several employers for interviews and I got a great new job at a wonderful clinic! I will definitely recommend this site to anyone in the veterinary field searching for a job. Thanks again!"

Carrie C.

Orlando, FL
"This resource was incredibly valuable because it showed me jobs at facilities I would not otherwise have known about. The job I accepted was one that I saw advertised in the email. Thanks for your help!"

S C.

New Bern, NC
"I landed my first interview within 3 days of signing up ! I was hired the same day. I highly recommend iHireveterinary to anyone who is in the Veterinary medicine field. It saved me a ton of time with my job search! Thank You! "

Linda C.

Brandon, FL
"Loved the daily job matches! Would definitely recommend! "

Kim M.

Chandler, AZ
"I am very pleased to know that there are avenues in the work force that are actually tangible. I was able to talk to staff and actually visit and hand deliver a resume personally. Thank you for those opportunities, I will strongly suggest anyone seeking employment to veiw these web sites."

Dawn M.

Frankfort, IL
"For about 10 weeks I have tried various services including employment agencies,,,, etc. to find a job in the field of veterinary medicine. What I have seen was a lot of hype but no results. I was getting discouraged until I accidentally found the site The people working here knew where to send my resume and shortly after I submitted resume, I started getting many phone calls from veterinary clinics with offers for interviews. After two weeks I found a job that fits me perfectly. I am very excited to start a job that could make me happy. Thank you for your help! I would like to recommend this site to people and employers in veterinary medicine. It is this specialized site and not the general "monsters" that worked for me and will work for you as well."

Tatjana M.

Drums, PA
"ihire veterinary notified me of a new position by me that had been posted that morning, I dropped off my application that day, and after an interview, was hired the next week! "

Sarah E.

Lyman, ME
"Thank you for your help locating the job of a life time! I have been a member of iHireVeterinary for a little over a year and after applying to several of the positions your site notified me of I finally got hired at a clinic close to home. The clinic not only brought me on as an employee but are also willing to allow me to do my clinicals with them. Thanks again for all of your help."

Tammy C.

East Windsor, CT
"showed me only the jobs I was seeking, great time saver and job application design was simple and easy to use."

Eileen H.

Fort Collins, CO
"iHire allowed me to find positions close to my home. I received interviews from all 5 that I applied to. I now have a full-time position at a great hospital. "

Linda V.

Ashburn, VA
"This website is great! It's only been 2 days and I'm getting calls already!"

Teresa P.

Matamoras, PA
"It helped me find and apply for my current job as well as my future job. Excellent source with well-updated notices!"

Celina G.

Manassas, VA
"I was able to find a great job !"

Shannon S.

Jordan, NY
"Your company did a fantastic job of helping me stay informed on job postings. Thank you!"

Matthew C.

Lombard, IL
"I now have a full-time job because of iHireVeterinary. It helps to group jobs from other sites that fit the criteria that I was looking for. "

Kyria R.

Franktown, CO
"After applying to many potential positions from iHire, I now have had many interviews with different employers, and a foot in the door right where I want to be. Very excited. "

Maranda S.

Tulsa, OK
"iHire made it much easier to see all the jobs that were available for me to apply to, all in one place! It made the application process much less stressful, and I got a job within a week of signing up for iHire!"

Miriam S.

Tucson, AZ
"Easy to use, great notifications without being overwhelming. I love the matching skills showing me what the employer desires! Excellent service - I have recommended to many colleagues."


Charlotte, NC
"It saved me time and allowed me to find a job that was right for my skill level "


San Antonio, TX
"Natalie Winzer did an amazing job drafting and finalizing my resume and cover letter. After submitting my resume to 5 potential employers, I was invited for interviews and, as a result, received 3 job offers. It was well worth the expense of having my resume done by a professional resume writer!"

Heidi M. - Veterinary Technician / Assistant

Stafford, VA
"It's a great serivce--it's only been 2 days, and already I'm receiving phone calls for interviews and offers. You guys are great!!"

Bethany S.

Colchester, CT
"I found the perfect position through job searching with iHireVeterinary."

Beth E.

Exeter, NH
"It is a great site. I have had many calls and offers a few days after submitting my resume. "

Emmanuel T M.

"I have an amazing job now that I love so very much! I am following my dreams. Thank you so much iHireVeterinary!"

Jessica D.

Nedrow, NY
"This was a lot easier than I thought it would be!"

Karla M.

Kunkletown, PA
"I found a great veterinary techician job through this site. I receieved an email about the job and I immediately applied. Less than 12 hours later I was contacted by the employer to meet for an interview. I couldn't believe how quickly my application and resume got into the hands of the employer. After an interview process I was hired and I couldn't be happier!"

Evan M.

Houston, TX
" I was able to apply to several jobs that were based off of my level of experience. Within a few days, employers called me and scheduled interviews. It is a great site with tools to actually help you find a job. Totally worth every penny! "

Jessie C.

San Jose, CA
"iHireVeterinary gave me access to a job nearby that other job boards didn't even know about. I applied the next day and was hired within two weeks. "

Ilea R.

Las Cruces, NM
"I found the perfect job at a feline only practice that was exactly what I was looking for through this site. Thank you!!"

Celeste L.

Jamaica, NY
"I found a great job 10 days after joining iHireVeterinary."


Culpeper, VA
"I have been a "free" user of the website for about 3 years before I actually decided to become a registered user of the site. I did the 7 day free trial in the end of June 2010, registered in the beginning of July 2010 and within 3 weeks I applied for two jobs placed on the site and to my surprise got interviews for both and hired by one of them! This site is one of the best and maybe the only veterinary job communities I have found and enjoyed! I am truly pleased...THANK YOU IHIRE VETERINARY!!!!"

Khiara F.

Compton, CA
"I must admit I did not have much faith in iHire being able to help me with my chances of getting an interveiw much less hired. For many years I have been listed on at least 10 other more advertised websites that promise you not jobs, but life changing opportunities. I really just wanted to full fill my lifelong desire to become a Veterinary Nurse. I"m in college for Veterinary Nurse and really needed to be in the enviroment that I was learning about. Thats how I came to iHire. I was willing to maybe start in the kennel or whatever I could get. I never dreamed that I would get the exact position I am in college for!! But in less than a month of signing up with iHire I was on my way back from my 2nd interview when I got the phone call and an offer to come aboard well known Animal Hosptial! Yes, I will be in training as a Veterinary Nurse!! I am still in shock!! I got way more than I expected. I am so greatful that I took the time to sign up one more time!!! What a difference it has made in my life. Thank You so very much. "

Angela S.

Clover, SC