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Liberty Vet Pets is in the heart of Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. Our clientele is very dedicated to the high end care for their four legged family members. We are big proponents of preventive medicine such as yearly blood panels, fecals and urinalysis to screen for certain common disease conditions. Our clientele in general is amenable to most diagnostic, treatment and preventive options that we suggest. This creates a great impetus for our Veterinarians to practice a more comprehensive Veterinary medicine with even more optimal results. We also have appointments longer than the traditional 20 minute appointments to allow for adequate time to access patients and answer client questions and concerns. We are looking primarily for a full time Vet but are willing to discuss 20-40 hour work week. We have only one exclusive slot open currently available so the applicant must stand out.

As we are not corporate owned but rather family owned this allows for flexibility of how to resolve and approach preventive medicine and disease conditions. Our head Veterinarian a University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School Graduate with an undergrad background of mathematics, art and biology believes in multiple ways to solve a problem. She approaches medicine with an open mind that is still rooted in Traditional Veterinary medicine. A creative approach and open minded to Veterinary medicine is key in a society which rapidly is reaccesing a wholistic and integrative approach to health and medicine.

We practice primarily traditional Veterinary medicine but also have integrative options such as Chinese herbs, western herbs and more. We are very open to the understanding and utilization of other integrative medicine modalities. We also strongly believe in enhancing the human animal bond and take a lot of time to educate our clients for example about vaccine life style choices with their pets, detailed dietary options, anti - anxiety options and positive reinforcement. We are also well versed in many fear free practices for our clients and patients. Our head Veterinarian has a background in working with many pets who have difficulty for various reasons getting to the Vet for care and facilitates this need in many niche ways. Thus, we have the opportunity to help many pets who have not received proper Veterinary care for years which is extremely rewarding for which owners are beyond grateful.

Our facility encompasses the Rittenhouse life style with a chandelier and boutique in the waiting room, ornate interior design and is clean and spacious. Our Veterinary Hospital and concierge home visit services offer full body digital radiographs, a high end dental suite, general surgery and digital dental radiographs. We are always open to stocking new types of emerging medicines and products. If the applicant is interested in exotics we are looking to at some point incorporating exotic animal medicine in our practice.

We are dedicated to a positive and harmonious work environment. Our staff is all hand selected with unique positive and friendly qualities to both patients and clientele.
Our clientele consists of restauranteurs, entrepreneurs, small business owners, young professionals, healing arts professionals as well as a plethora of other intriguing backgrounds. We enjoy our customers and patients company and this adds to draw of working at our unique Vet practice.

We also believe is a good work life balance and try to accommodate this with in reason for our Staff and Veterinarians. We currently see patients M-F but with the addition of another full time Veterinarian plan to alternate weekends with the ability to switch weekends.

We offer a competitive salary based on experience as well as recent graduate mentorships. We also offer benefits including among others health care, continuing education contributions, professional fee contributions and more. We have a base hourly rate but have sales goal tiers in which our staff and Veterinarians receive additional bonus on a week to week basis. We believe in a team based approach in which we can all help each other achieve an overall goal.

There is an opportunity for growth as well for becoming key or head Veterinarian for other locations in the near future. We want to see our staff, Veteraninas, practice, patients and clientele flourish and grow and create optional happiness for as many animal lovers and animals in the community as we can.

We look forward to meeting you and having you as a part of our Liberty Vet Pets team/family.

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