country care animal clinic

country care animal clinic

When the covid happened I was the first person at the clinic I worked at to be let go highest paid and part time. I have been looking to buy a clinic and VCA buys them all. So I posted on next door just to do nail trims and then the large animal vet I work with came on board so we have been vaccinating etc. He does work at a small animal clinic a day a week and has been for two years so he does know basic knowledge of things. But he has his own practice and I need someone to be committed to this business. I have approval from CVMA. I have ordered all the main drugs, as well as basically anything you could think of. Even an endoscope that hooks up to a tablet so clients can see exactly what we see and let us take care of the ears, as well as top of the line cbc, chemistry and urinalysis machines. I have not cut any corners. I truly believe in what I am building here. And my clients are great. If I had the right vet I would get a lot more. I just need to find someone that has a passion for his/her job and doesn't need to be in the crowded scene.
I have a passion for animals and great care for them. I don't have the huge overhead because it's on my place. I have found that a lot of people are over the VCA part of things. I am willing to purchase anything needed to have my vet happy. The vet of record is a great vet, great with clients etc but is not great at small animal surgery. He can do a neuter, laceration repair, but he is not what I need to make this clinic work.

I have people that want spays, dentals, etc. and I should be open in a week. I have all the drugs, machines, and am willing to get anything more I need.

It is not a typical clinic as it is a horse farm as well, but from what I have seen so far the clients love the environment and so do the animals.

I love the no stress and no drama. I keep the costs down as much as I can so that people can get their animals cared for.

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