Burke Animal Clinic

Burke Animal Clinic

Burke Animal Clinic has been providing comprehensive and progressive veterinary care in Northern Virginia since 1979.
We practice integrative medicine by offering traditional veterinary services alongside alternative therapies.
Our alternative therapies are complimentary to traditional medicine, providing us more resources to help keep your pet healthy and to treat chronic conditions and provide drug-free alternatives to pain management.
We use all resources available to us to determine the underlying causes of illness in order to heal and improve the quality of life of your pet. Our doctors provide very personal attention in working with clients to understand and address the health needs of their pets.

Complete Medical, Surgical and Dental Services
Alternative Healing Programs and drug-free alternatives for pain management including:
Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation –Uses a combination of spinal manipulation and laser therapy to locate and treat problematic areas along the spine that may be the cause of pain in other areas of the body
Bicom – A holistic healing therapy based on a science called Bioresonance and the principle that all the cells in our body communicate with each other via electric signals. When toxins enter the body, like allergens, bacteria, parasites, etc., they jam the signals and prevent the cells from communicating. Bicom cancels out the unhealthy signals and reinforces the healthy signals to promote healing
Nutritional Response Testing- A noninvasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of illness or non-optimum health.
Ultrasound and Digital X-Ray
On-site Pharmacy and Laboratory
Wellness Programs

Our Doctors
Dr. John Herrity D.V.M., Practice Owner
Dr. Alex Colvin, D.V.M., Practice Owner
Dr. Seth Cohen, D.V.M.
Dr. Elizabeth Johnson, D.V.M.

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