Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care

Clevengers Corner Veterinary Care

Family Centered The primary purpose of our practice is to improve the lives of families. We do this most directly by using our knowledge, skills, and resources to affect longer, healthier lives for family pets. We know that pets lead to improved physical, psychological, and emotional health. By promoting and protecting this special human-animal bond, we improve the well-being of the families we serve. We also strive to improve the lives of our own families through progressive management techniques. In addition, being family-centered means working to reduce human illness and distress through educational outreach, community involvement, and preventative veterinary care. Veterinary Healthcare We are first and foremost medical professionals. We are entrusted custodians of proud traditions developed by fellow medical providers through the centuries. The values of the Veterinary and Hippocratic Oaths govern our practice and our lives. Individually and collectively, we are professional, collegial, and ethical at all times. Team We depend upon each other for success. Each member of our practice is expected to actively promote a team atmosphere. With respect, consideration, and effective communication, we work to accomplish our shared goals. By treating our clients as essential members of the medical team, we help them achieve compliance with treatment plans. Dedicated to Delivering We are enthusiastic about creating a valuable experience for each of our guests. Our success, no matter how it’s measured, depends directly on building and maintaining a loyal following of clients. Each encounter is an opportunity to develop a bond and enhance our reputation. Our facility and our delivery of care are oriented toward pleasing our clients. Each of us is dedicated to our personal role in providing a memorable and compelling guest experience. Excellence Our niche is quality. We provide modern medical care in a healthy environment. We advocate and recommend what is in the pet’s best interest. We continuously pursue our own education so that we remain on the forefront of advances in veterinary medicine. With Compassion We treat all of God’s creatures with kindness and respect. We treat our neighbors as we would hope to be treated, with understanding and concern. It is for good reason that “care” is part of our name.

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