Animal Medical Clinic

Animal Medical Clinic

4 Reasons Why You Should Pick the Animal Medical Clinic in Springfield, IL as your next career move:

1. The clinic environment is hard-working, supportive and drama-free. I believe in treating team members, clients and everyone else with respect and courtesy. To be a team member, the team votes you in. I think it is important that you like who you work with.

2. The sky is the limit in regards to any special interests you have. Several years ago, my dog started having back pain that did not respond to traditional pain management. I took her to a veterinary chiropractor, and within a few months my dog was back to normal. I then took the time to become certified in veterinary chiropractic. I still have other things I would like to pursue. I would love to support an associate's idea or dream to advance the care we can provide our patients.

3. No after hours on-call or emergencies. This is such a sweet bonus to being a veterinarian. I believe it is important to maintain a healthy work/life balance. Because of this, I am a shareholder in our local after-hours animal emergency clinic.

4. Springfield, IL has a lot to offer. I know Illinois has had a ton of bad press, and our politicians leave a lot to be desired. But, I truly love our community. I live in a smaller town just outside of Springfield. I feel like I have the best of all worlds: a small town with local folks and a great school district, a bigger city that has all the luxuries of good medical care, lots of different cultural, recreational and educational opportunities and we are only a short drive to St. Louis or Chicago for big city events as well.

If I have peaked your interest enough that you want to know more, feel free to email me or call/text 217-415-8034. The Animal Medical Clinic website is

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