Baker College

Committed to higher education for over 100 years.
Preparing students for successful careers.
The beginnings of Baker College trace back to the turn of the 20th century, with the founding of Muskegon College by Woodbridge Ferris—who later became Governor of Michigan and then a U.S. Senator.

Just two decades later, Eldon E. Baker—an educator who built a highly successful business college in Winfield, Kansas—moved to Flint and founded Baker Business University, which stood at the corner of Court Street and South Saginaw.

In 1965, these two institutions came together under a single academic group headed by Robert Jewell of Muskegon. Throughout the years that followed, the schools continued to thrive and the group began to expand its outreach through the acquisition of other schools and locations.

Today, we are known as Baker College, the largest not-for-profit, independent college in Michigan. We have over 23,000 students in more than 100 programs, taught at nine on-ground campuses, multiple extensions campuses, and online.

Most importantly, we remain dedicated to our original mission: to provide quality higher education and training that enable graduates to be successful throughout challenging and rewarding careers.

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