Job Summary
$25,000 - $35,000 Annual
Job Description

Veterinary Assistant duties include, but are not limited to the following:

• Restraint of an animal for: nail trim, blood draw, catheter placement, feline cystocentesis, physical examination, obtaining temperature, administering vaccinations

• Basic Vaccination Schedule: responsible for both canine and feline

• Use of Microscope: proper care

• Urinalysis: refractometer, urine chemstrip, proper use of sedivue

• Fecals: set up and read fecal floats and smears

• Stains: stain slides for ear, fecal and pathology samples

• Use of IV Pump: know how to power on and off, meaning of alarms, enter/clear data, setup for use

• Radiographs: know how to power processor on and off, proper positioning for all views, proper measurements and techniques, entering patient data and developing radiographs

• Rooming appointments: obtain brief history, obtain temperature (if possible), become efficient/proactive at getting materials/vaccines ready for doctor, organize tools/materials (otoscopes, ear cones, lube, etc.) in room prior to doctor entering

• MISCELLANEOUS: FeLV/FIV, 4dx, Parvo snap tests, clean ears, anal gland expression, nail trims (clippers and dremel), bandage removal, IV catheter removal, subcutaneous injections and fluids, bloodwork in house, bloodwork outside lab (proper tubes and correct forms), PCV/TS, filling prescriptions, know signature codes and common abbreviations, know how to properly answer phone, scheduling appointments/surgeries/discharges, handling and processing deceased pets, cleaning/maintaining clippers, proper care of hospitalized patients (cleaning when necessary, administering meds,etc.)

Job ID: 309393190

Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital
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