Job Summary
$50,000 - $150,000 Annual
Job Description

Seeking Compassionate Licensed Veterinarians willing to offer pet home euthanasia services in their area.

About us

Offer At Home Pet Euthanasia either Full-Time or Part-Time or Whenever-You-Have-Time in partnership with Peaceful Passing

We at Peaceful Passing, are an At Home Pet Euthanasia provider that also provides a Referral Service for Veterinarians wishing to offer this assistance in their local city or county.

We are excited to support you using our brand, visibility and veterinary resources to help drive pet owners seeking home pet euthanasia.  Apart from providing client prospects, from a practical point of view we support you with our web presence, marketing materials and best-practice medical preparation and training required for you to professionally offer At Home Pet Euthanasia.

With our website, knowledge, marketing and materials, and your commitment, passion and enthusiasm, we can help you get started offering your own At Home Pet Euthanasia service within weeks.

To succeed in providing this service you need to be a particularly compassionate licensed Veterinarian able and willing to offer a valuable resource for clients desiring At Home Pet Euthanasia in your area

About you

You are a compassionate, veterinary and DEA licensed Veterinarian willing to provide a valuable service to grateful clients on a part-time or full-time basis. In addition to your formal qualifications, the qualities of a successful Vet offering At Home Pet Euthanasia include:

  • Genuine heartfelt compassion
  • Empathy for pet parents as well as their pets
  • A talent for making the important medical processes appear secondary to the overall experience
  • Understanding that at Home Pet Euthanasia can be personally trying for you as well as pet parents, and having the gravitas to deal with this

You may want to provide home euthanasia services full-time or part-time as a supplementary activity to assist with student loans, a special event or that long-yearned-for overseas vacation. Whatever your motivation and commitment level, we are here to help you on your journey.

Our offer

Gross compensation depends on you* and ranges from $50,000 (seeing 3-4 pets a week) to $150,000+ (10 pets a week). Joining Peaceful Passing At Home Pet Euthanasia includes a webpage management fee that will be further explained in our initial discussions.


Offer At Home Pet Euthanasia service in your local area. Service areas and their size are determined by a range of factors that we can discuss in more detail as we explore our relationship.

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Peaceful Passing - At Home Pet Euthanasia