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"Frenchie puppies!" "Thanks for your help." "We've got an abscess coming in." "The rep brought pens!" "This is the kitten you saved a year ago." "Great job!" "I'll do the Pug nail trim." "There's donuts in the break room!" "My dog just loves coming here." "We'd like to offer you a job at Applewood."

See, we could write the average "looking for hard workers, must have experience, offer amazing benefits, work with a great team" ad - because it's all true - but we're not looking for average technicians and we're too busy to weed through their resumes. So if you're exceptional and want to work in a great place, please respond. We need you. And if you're hired you'll get to hear all the good things.

One more thing. You must include a cover letter to be considered. If you've gotten this far you know Applewood isn't like every other animal hospital, and I'll be completely honest: this is a test of how well you pay attention to detail. No cover letter, no interview, no chance at the best job you'll ever have. Don't blow this over something so simple! Include a cover letter! Then we'll talk.

(But "they" tell me that to make this incredible opportunity more readily viewable I have to "optimize" this ad with "relevant skills".  Fine, we can play that game.  Veterinary Technician. Surgical Monitoring. Exam Room Assisting. Best Job Ever. Dental Radiography.  Anesthesia Monitoring. Veterinary Assisting. Impromed. IV Catheter. Radiology. Kind. Fluid Therapy. Drug Calculations. Medical Records. Injections. Remember to Send a Cover Letter. Attention to Detail.

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Applewood Animal Hospital
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